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Jamia Mosque Doncaster

Best prayer ( Dua ) for laylatul Qadr Amazing Reminder. Must Watch!

This Ramadaan please make extra effort and correct your Salaah and Quran recitation.

See above link Learn Quran / Salaah - IT IS IMPORTANT THAT you recite correctly!

PLEASE slow down your Salaah and recite properly. Some of you read your salaah so fast it's like you are having a race! I wish we could enforce speeding tickets :-)

Zakat Please make sure you understand how to calculate this - see Maulana Saab/Imaam for information and advice.


Live Feed Adhaan

                  LIVE Adhaan/Salaah FEED!

DO YOU NEED A DEDICATED (Live Feed) SET-UP at home? CLICK HERE to find out more...


PLEASE DONATE to the Mosque - See Standing Order Mandate Link on left hand side. Easy to fill in on-line form - just complete - print/sign and present to your Bank.


TAFSEER Programme

Commentary of The Quran and Ahadeeth

EVERY SUNDAY - After Zohar Salaah.


Go Online and Explore:- Quran Explorer Hadith Explorer

Got a Question? Please use Ask Imam link.

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